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What It’s Like To Be On The Product Management Team At Appian

Annelise Dubrovsky Annelise Dubrovsky

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The Product Management team is full of innovators who love to solve challenging problems, and are driven to build the best product possible for Appian customers.

What’s it like to be a Product Manager at Appian? We asked Annelise Dubrovsky, Senior Director of Product Management to share her insights about what a typical day looks like, the impact of her product management work, and the culture of the team. Let’s dive in! 

Meet Annelise Dubrovsky, Senior Director, Product Management

  • Joined the Appian team in 2004
  • Location: Seattle (Remote) 

What does a Product Manager at Appian do?

A Product Manager helps build the product that achieves the company and client objectives. We take a problem we want to solve or a client opportunity we want to meet, and make that a reality in the product. We’re very hands on and work closely with a team of fellow engineers to bring the vision to life. 

What does a typical day in the life of a Product Manager at Appian look like?

A Product Manager accomplishes  many different tasks each day. On a broader level we’re both building something that’s in progress, while also thinking ahead to what’s upcoming and preparing for the next items on our roadmap. We additionally look at what we’ve shipped already to make sure customers are getting the most value. 

With that in mind, a typical day could include heads down time with a team of fellow product managers, UX designers, and developers trying to design and solve a hard problem. 

We also have one-on-one meetings directly with customers to learn more about how they’re using the current version of the product and getting feedback on how to improve their experience. This helps us learn from the decisions we made in the past, to inform what we do both now and in the future. 

Based on the work we do, I would describe Product Managers at Appian as both problem solvers and advocates. We spend a lot of time balancing design, technology, and scope to bring the best possible outcome for our customers. But we also act as customer advocates because we bring the customer perspective to every discussion we have internally. 

How do you see the impact of your work? 

Every Product Manager is working on improving our product and changing it for the better. We enable customers to achieve their missions by helping them automate their processes —  and some of those missions are world-changing. 

Our products are used in every single industry — healthcare, financial services, insurance, government — we’re all over the place. That means that everything we do adds up to a meaningful difference in how successful our customers will be, and consequently the lives of the people they serve. 

As an example,  we work with some major Life Sciences companies. And through automation, their clinical trials go faster and provide more consistent reliable data processes. What impact could be bigger than that?! It’s exciting to know that we’re part of helping out the healthcare industry on such a major scale. 

How would you describe the culture of the Product Management team?

Collaboration is key, and that becomes clear the minute you join us. We work with people from a variety of roles and levels across the company, including Developers, Quality Engineers, UX Designers, Solutions Consultants, fellow Product Managers and even coworkers in other departments a lot. Not only are you collaborating internally, but externally as well. We work very closely with our customers to get feedback and iterate on our product. 

One characteristic that’s key to being a successful Product Manager is empathy. To do our job well, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the user. This is probably one of the most important things you will do in your role. You have to understand their pain points, what they’re trying to achieve, and act as their advocate every step of the way

As an extension of our collaborative, empathetic culture we’ve also developed a very supportive and nurturing team. We’re all extremely close and we care about helping each other grow our skills and craft. We all learn from each other and help each other out. 

Many of our recent hires have mentioned that this is something that sticks out to them. For example, we work hard to build out a thoughtful and intentional onboarding and training plan for all of our new hires so that they’re set up for success. 

We’re also a very driven team. The problems that we’re trying to solve every day are challenging. While you need collaboration and empathy, you also need drive. Drive to get past the hurdles that you’re going to encounter. Drive to create something better and not just take the easy way out. Every one of us is raising the bar. 

Why join the Product Management team?

If you want to be solving unique, difficult problems that make a real impact in the world, and shape how organizations are achieving their missions, this is the place. 

There’s no blueprint to follow — we’re innovators. It’s tough work , but it’s so rewarding, and it’s a very fun team to work with.


If this sounds like a team you’re interested in, you’re in luck as we’re hiring Product Managers! Check out our career opportunities on the careers page.  

Annelise Dubrovsky

Written by

Annelise Dubrovsky

Annelise is the Senior Manager of Product Development at Appian.