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An Inside Look: Working on the Appian Product-Centric Customer Success Team

Sarah Sarah Chorle

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Considering a career as a Consultant with the Appian Customer Success (CS) team? If so, you probably have a lot of questions about what kind of experience you might anticipate — and rightly so, the Appian CS team is quite different than the CS experience you might encounter at other organizations!

There are many ways that the Appian CS team stands apart from other organizations, including:

In this blog, we hear from CS team member Sarah Chorle to learn more about the sense of purpose she feels working with the Appian product on the CS team. Here’s what she had to say:

Meet Appian CS team member Sarah Chorle

  • Consultant
  • Located in Tysons, Virginia
  • Joined Appian in 2018

From teaching to technical consulting with our low-code product

I didn’t come into consulting from any of the typical routes. Before joining Appian, I was actually a teacher! My background was in Math and Education and I had been doing the teaching thing for a while, but I wanted something a little different for my career.

When I met an Appian Recruiter at a career fair, I was instantly excited by the company. The Recruiter, Courtney, thought that my experiences as a teacher could actually be transferable to consulting. I was great at explaining things and had taken a coding course in school.

However, that being said, I was by no means a developer. She helped me realize that Appian could be a great fit because our product was so low-code compared to other options on the market. This, in addition to Appian’s robust academy for all new consultants, made it less scary to make the transition from teaching to technical consulting.

Truthfully, my job still does involve more coding than I would have anticipated back then! But I picked things up and have learned everything I need to know to help our clients succeed in their implementations.

Regular meetings with Engineering to enhance the product

The product is always getting better and even easier to use! We’re able to contribute towards improving the platform over time. I’m part of the CS Engineering Feedback sub-guild and we’re focused on meeting with Engineering regularly for feedback sessions.

During these sessions, we share different use cases so our Engineering team can gain more insight into the client mindset. This helps them to think about features and functionalities that can help make the product more customer centric over time.

Helping big name companies with complex implementations

What I love most about working on the CS team is helping major organizations solve tough problems with our product. I enjoy the challenge and it’s gratifying to work with such large and recognizable brands too.

One of my favorite projects to date was working with a giant pharmaceutical company to help them create a compliance application. This app was really complex to develop because they had to be translated into different languages and take into account compliance regulations for several different countries.

But we pulled it all off thanks to an amazing project team and our adaptable software. Completing projects and seeing big companies save a huge amount of time and money after implementation is really satisfying.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Sarah and learning more about the CS team and product at Appian! If you’d like to find out more about our CS team, take a look at our Customer Success careers page for more info and to view open positions.



Written by

Sarah Chorle

Sarah is a Consultant on the CS team at Appian.